Officer Injured in Cobb County

An officer was injured and required hospitalization resulting from a car wreck in Marietta, Georgia on May 15th. The wreck took place on Atlanta Road slightly north of Austell road. The two car crash occurred when the Cobb County officer made a U turn on busy Atlanta Road.  The officer pulled in front of a Bonneville driven by a 61 year old local Smyrna resident who impacted the police cruiser that was cutting in front of its path. The air bag of the Bonneville deployed resulting from the violent impact of the vehicles. Both drivers were injured. The officer was hospitalized with complaints of injuries to his cervical and lumbar spine.  These types of accidents sometime lead to life altering injuries.  The officer who was on the job will be able to make a worker’s compensation claim and all of this medical bills and a percentage of his salary should be paid. The officer may have job benefits with supplemental insurance and disability insurance along with a good health policy, if the worst happened, whether he was at fault or not.  It is not known if the other driver has any access to the medical system.  Often in such situations, a lawyer paid on a contingency fee is the only way to recover for these losses. Police have not decided who was at fault.  They are investigating to determine who to blame for the wreck.

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